Photos printing too light

My real life printing problem was the inspiration for this tech tip. We had a snowy weekend where I am, so I decided to straighten up my home office and update what I call my “vision board.” I like to hang images associated with the novels I write. So I decided to print out some promo art and book covers. Here’s what the image I was printing looked like:


Here’s how it printed out.


In fact, all three covers were faded.


I’d just replaced both the color and black ink cartridges and I’d successfully printed other things earlier in the day.  I was printing these images from the Windows Photo App which is the default application for opening images on my PC.  I decided to do another test print. I clicked the print icon in the upper-right corner of the photo app.


I noticed the checkmark next to Let the app change my printing preferences. I unticked the box and did a test print of a smaller sized image on plain paper instead of the glossy photo paper I was using. I might as well save on expensive ink and paper if it didn’t work.


The smaller test print was the right color. Here it is compared to the initial printing.


I reprinted again and everything looked great.


If you’re printing from the Photo app make sure to keep an eye out for that setting.

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