Stuck in tablet mode

A reader is having a big problem with the Windows 10 desktop:

“My friend has a laptop and somehow he got it stuck with live tiles on the desktop and wants his regular icons back. I’m sure its simple to fix but I can’t find it. Can you help please.”

You’re right. It is a simple fix and I’m glad to help. With a Windows 10 PC you have a choice between the Desktop Mode…


… and the Tablet Mode.


It sounds as if your friend has accidentally turned on Tablet Mode. Here’s how to fix it:

In the lower right corner of your Taskbar, click on the action center icon. When your action center opens, click on Tablet mode. It should switch back to the desktop.


To make sure you stay in the Desktop mode, you can click on your Start Menu and choose Settings.


Then select System.


Choose Tablet mode.


In the right pane, scroll down to Tablet mode and click the arrow for the drop-down menu under When I sign in.


Select Use desktop mode. Make sure Always ask me before switching is selected.


This should keep the desktop the way you like it.


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