Secure your Yahoo account with two-factor authentication

We’ve been learning how to protect your accounts with two-factor authentication.  Today we’ll check out how to turn it on for Yahoo.

Start by going to your Yahoo homepage by clicking here.

Click on your name and choose Account info.


Choose Account security.


Scroll down to Two-step verification.


And toggle the switch to the On position.


Then add a phone number and select whether you want to receive a text or a phone call.


You’ll receive a code via text or phone call when you log into your account.




One thought on “Secure your Yahoo account with two-factor authentication

  1. I have always wondered about this. First off; we have chosen not to have a cell phone. (EMF) Laptops are wired and not wireless. Our home phone is with Ooma. Not sure how I have done trying to filter out the threats of the EMF. Since it is depending on the internet would it work the same If I supplied my number. There is an option of text or phone call. I’m assuming that a regular “old fashion” phone line wouldn’t work. With all this said, I have passed by the security offered with this authentication option. (Gmail does this as well.)

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