Windows 10 is finally the most popular operating system out there — more than three years after it was released. It passed Windows 7 last month for the number one spot. But you can’t say Windows 7 didn’t put up a fight.

Windows 10 is now found on close to 40% of personal computers and 45% of computers running a Windows operating system.

Windows 7 is found on 37% of personal computers and 43% of Windows PCs. Windows is far and away the most popular operating system, found on 86% of computers. These numbers are a big deal since security and bug support for Windows 7 ends in January of 2020. That means a lot of people need to either upgrade to Windows 10 or switch to Linux, or buy a Windows 10 or Mac computer.

In case you’re wondering, the Mac operating system is found on about 10% of computers, Linux is on about 2% and the Chrome OS is found on less than 1% of devices.

What operating system are you currently using? I have a Windows 10 desktop and Surface Pro, a struggling Windows 7 desktop, and a Mac Air.