Online converters and calculators

Okay, I absolutely have to confess that I’m just collecting conversion sites now. I just keep finding amazing ones! So now I’ve started a bookmark folder that I’m just filling with different conversion sites. I even have a subfolder for knitting ones! This one is so amazing!  It features TWELVE, count them, twelve different conversion calculators – including one for Morse Code! How cool is that?

So what converters do you get?

Column 1: Distance & Length, Pressure,  Morse Code

Column 2: Weight & Mass, Area & Space,  Energy & Work, Bytes & Bits

Column 3: Currency,  Speed, Time, Temperature, Power.

Column 4: Volume


They’re very easy to use. You just input the values you want to convert and click the Calculate button. If you need to reset the values you’ve entered, just click the Reset button.

I think this one is bookmark worthy, go check it out today!


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