Delete AccuWeather location from a browser

One of our most popular posts has been instructions for deleting a location from the AccuWeather app. (Click here to read that tip.)

A reader recently commented on that article:

“Still can’t do it on my computer, no ‘menu’.”

Those instructions were for the mobile app so they wouldn’t work with a browser.  Unlike the mobile weather app, which allows you to set certain locations when you visit, you can store locations.

The website will display the last five locations you’ve visited.


You can click the little arrow next to the current location at the top of the page.


Then pick from a recent location.


Your preferred location will then be displayed.


You can also click in the search box at the top…


… and you’ll see your most recent location.


If you want to remove these locations, you’ll need to clear the cookies from your browser.

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