Turn off pesky Mac notifications

You’ve probably noticed that computer operating systems like Windows 10 and Mac OS have become more and more like smartphones and are not providing you with a steady stream of notifications.

mac notifications.jpg

Sometimes the constant barrage of calendar and update notifications can really be a bother. With Mac OS, you can use the Do Not Disturb setting to turn them off at night or during a busy time but there’s a quick little hack that can shut them all off.

Remember, if you do this, you’re going to have to make sure to check for updates, look at your calendar, and attend to all those things those reminders are nagging you about.

Start by clicking the Apple menu at the top left and choosing System Preferences.


Then choose Notifications.


Select Do Not Disturb.


Here’s the trick. Tick the box next to From: and then set the time from 10:01 PM to 10:00 PM. Or for any time you want as long as the end time is one minute before the start time.

Don’t forget to turn it off if you decide you want or need to start receiving notifications again.


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