Enlarge email print in Chrome

Yesterday, I showed a reader how to enlarge the print size for a Gmail message in Firefox. (Click here to read that article) But I actually like the interface for printing from Gmail much better in the Chrome browser.

So I thought I’d show you how to do it from there. Start by clicking the print icon inside the email message. It’s in the upper-right corner of the message.


This menu will open on the left.  You’ll want to scroll down and click on More settings.


Adjust the size by typing a number into the Scale box or using the up or down arrow.


You’ll see your document change in the Print Preview pane to the right.


Click on Print when it looks right.


One thought on “Enlarge email print in Chrome

  1. Thanks, Cyn — I’m glad to learn about using ‘scale in Chrome! I also find the capability to change ‘Print’ target to a pdf is very useful. I get many receipts by email, and other items I want to keep but not in my email files. Changing from ‘Print to a printer’ to ‘Save to a PDF’ lets me put a message right into a pdf which I can file where I want it: tax support documents, receipts, etc.

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