I don’t know why I’ve been finding a ton of amazing book art, maybe that is the current trend for what is popular online, but I knew when I saw this that I had to share it with you!

I was raised by bibliophiles who would have had a heart attack if I defaced a book in order to create art, and I had a hard time even marking in my textbooks.  (I only used pencil and that’s only if I didn’t have a post-it note handy to use instead), but I have to admit that these sculptures are amazing!

Created by Guy Laramee you are going to discover amazing carved book landscapes at this site. To navigate just scroll down the page and you’ll find a slew of images of the different sculptures he created and then a bit of information about the artist and his inspiration beneath the images.

I was awestruck when I saw these incredible sculptures. I can’t even pick out a favorite. If you want to see more of Guy’s work go check out his art site via the links in the article Biblios and The Great Wall.

If you like these sculptures you may also want to check out some of the other art that is trending on the site like The Chromatic Typewriter or The Toothpick Sculpture of San Francisco.