Can’t print in Firefox

A reader is having a problem printing in the latest version of Firefox:

“When I try to print from Firefox, I get an error saying that I’ve been blocked and I never get the little box to select my printing options. How can I fix this?”

Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. Sometimes when you attempt to print from the Firefox browser, you might see a warning like this saying that a popup blocker is preventing the application from opening the page.


If you look up at the very top of the browser, you’ll see a yellow bar with an alert.mozilla-pop-up-block-notice.jpg

To fix the issue, click on Options.


Clicking on Allow pop-ups for that particular site lets you see the pop-up. In this case a printer dialog.


Click on Edit Pop-up Blocker Options to put in the names of websites you want to allow pop-ups from. Click Allow to add a site to the list. Then choose Save Changes.





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