Best alternative to LiveMail

I get a lot of requests from readers looking for a good alternative to Windows LiveMail. At the top of their list, they’d like the program to be free.

I’ve got the program for you: Mozilla Thunderbird. Brought to you by the folks who developed Firefox, this email client has more features than the ultra-simplistic Mail app, but not so many options that you might get dizzy, like Outlook. Plus it works with all supported version of Windows and Mac. It even works with Linux systems. Since it’s an email client, you can use it with any email provider.

Here’s how to get it. Click to follow this link:

Then select Free Download.


You can either run the file or save it to your downloads, then launch later by clicking on it.


You can choose between standard and custom installation. I’d suggest standard unless you’re aware of some specific need. Also, this is where you can choose to make Thunderbird your default email client. If you aren’t sure yet if you want to use Thunderbird as your go-to program, uncheck this. You can always set it as the default later.


The installation will take a few minutes.


When the installation if over, just click Finish.  If you want to open Thunderbird, make sure to check the box next to Launch Now.


Here’s what the inbox looks like. thunder-bird-inbox-blank.jpg


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