No cable, no problem – where to stream network shows

Yesterday I showed a reader how she could view her favorite ABC programs without needing to sign in to the website with a cable or satellite provider. (Click here to read that article).

Many network programs are also available on paid streaming services such as Hulu. You could also use an antenna to pick up shows live over-the-air if you live somewhere that a signal can reach.

Let’s take a look at what networks offer to view with your browser. This is only for viewing with a browser, the rules may be different if you’re using a mobile app.

As I explained yesterday, ABC allows you to watch many of their programs seven days after their initial airing without logging in with the name of a cable provider and keep those programs available for about 14 days.

play-good-dr is a little more generous. They offer the most recently aired episode and about six weeks worth of previous episodes without requiring you to log in with a cable provider.

nbc.jpg offers the most recent episode and four weeks worth of previous episodes.

cbs-episodes.jpg offers the most recent episode and six weeks worth of previous episodes without the need to sign in.


CWTV.COM offers the five most recent episodes of each series.


While you’re over there visiting, click on the tab at the top for CW Seed.


This web and app only channel features original programming as well as tons of older shows. Everything is absolutely free to watch.


One thought on “No cable, no problem – where to stream network shows

  1. OMG Cyn! You don’t know how delighted me and my son-in-law are that you showed the both of us how to view a missed Network episode! Last week, on NBC’s lineup of the three Chicago programs (Chicago PD, Chicago Fire and Chicago Med), they were “cross-over events”. Well, something happened to our DirecTv’s dish just into the opening of Chicago PD that knocked the whole rest of the program off of the air. We were both devastated, we love these Chicago stories, especially when they are cross-overs and were very disappointed that we missed most of Chicago PD! I just showed Doug how we could get back to see that missed episode, he’s as happy as I am!

    Neither one of us knew we could pick up lost Network shows!

    Thank you again and again, for the informative work that you send out continuously. I read everything you send. Sometimes I share what you have sent and have recommended you to many of my email buddies, too!

    Fondly, Virginia

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