How can I watch Network programs without cable?

A cord-cutter is looking for a way to view her favorite show without having to pay for cable.

“I do not, nor have I ever, had a cable channel. I do have Netflix though. A few years ago I could get Greys Anatomy on my PC one week after it aired on the T.V. Now I would like to see recent episodes of the Good Dr. I tried to go to the network on my PC, but I couldn’t get it without showing some sort of proof that I belong to a cable company. or some type of number (can’t remember what it was) I only know that I didn’t have any proof of belonging someplace. I also read someplace that one would get regular T.V. programs on the PC one year after they were aired. Is there some way to watch a T.V. program on my PC after I missed an episode? And I might add for free.”

The timeframe for watching ABC programming is much shorter than one year. Let’s check out what you see when you head over to to look for episodes of The Good Doctor at this link:

The most recently-aired episode is displayed. We’ll start by clicking the Go Now button.


You’ll be asked for the name of your cable or satellite provider.


Or, you could click Get Instant Access and sign up for one of the streaming services that offer ABC programming.


But, if you’re waiting to wait a week after the initial airing, you can watch for free online without having to sign in. Here’s how. Scroll down the show page until you can see all the episodes.


You’ll notice that the latest episode and older episodes require you to log in with a provider.


But the episodes from one or two weeks ago are available to play. Just hit the play arrow.


Tomorrow, I’ll go over a list of options for other networks.


3 thoughts on “How can I watch Network programs without cable?

  1. Really appreciate this info Cynthia. I’ve run into a similar issue regarding watching CBS .Com. It requres that I pay for a subscription to CBS about $10 a month and I don’t want to do that. I have internet and would like to access what is free via computer and display it on my TV. Youve covered cuttig the cord previously. Are your previous commentaries available in one place so that I can pull them and read them?.

  2. We cut the dish cable about a year ago. I do not miss it at all. nbc network programing is available though. I watch a program that scheduled time is early afternoon and I can see that same current program in the evening. nbc seems to have a schedule of posting times about 6 hours after the actual time. So it isn’t really an outdated program. Then for evening programs we just stream them on my laptop (usb cable) the next evening. Works for me and all i’m paying for is internet service. Who can get along with out that??? 🙂 I just rely on youtube for any other information vids as well as different programs.

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