Will 2-Factor work with a landline?

A reader has a question about using 2-factor authentication with a landline.

“I have always wondered about this. First off; we have chosen not to have a cell phone. (EMF) Laptops are wired and not wireless. Our home phone is with Ooma. Not sure how I have done trying to filter out the threats of the EMF. (Electro Magnetic Field) 

Since it is depending on the Internet, would it work the same If I supplied my number? There is an option of text or phone call. I’m assuming that a regular “old fashion” phone line wouldn’t work. With all this said, I have passed by the security offered with this authentication option.”


While a landline would not work if text messages are your only option, if receiving a voice call is an option, your landline number should work fine. If a voice call is offered as an option, you’ll receive an automated call that will give you a code to enter. Just make sure you write that code down correctly.

And FYI, you’re still using the Internet just with a wired connection for your PCs as opposed to a wireless one.

Hope this helps.



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