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Occasionally, we might find it complicated to spot a misspelled word, or we just happen to type slower than usual, but with the apps I’m going to show you today — it’s no longer a problem!

James Daily, the head of a content department at FlashEssay, adds, “It`s essential to keep trying and doing your best to stay productive. We all know that the water doesn’t flow until the faucet is turned on.” So, even if you’re facing an issue that’s stopping you from writing, check out the web, who knows, there may be an app for that.

Years ago, if you had to write an essay or any other kind of text, all you could use was a typewriter and your imagination. Right now we have computers that give us access to thousands of tools and services that make our lives considerably easier. And the good news is that many of them are absolutely free to use.

I’ve created a list of 6 online writing tools that you ’ll find helpful for writing emails, formal documents, or just staying in touch with loved ones.

1. Evernote

We all forget things once in a while. While most people use a pen and paper to write quick notes or ideas down — it’s easy to lose or misplace them. Evernote is a great app that will let you write down notes. Once a note is saved, you’re going to have it available on all of your devices, whether it’s a computer, a tablet, or phone. It is very simple and convenient to use and is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It is much faster to and easier to use for a quick note than Microsoft Word, for example.

Check it out here:


* Free

* Premium — $7.99

* Business — $14.99

OS / Requirements: compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS.

2. Grammarly

In case you’ve written a long text or an email, and you’re not confident about the spelling and grammar,  you can always use one of many online services that check your grammar and spelling, just in case you may have missed something. Grammarly is a great example. It has its own application for iOS, but it works just as well with MS Office, and is also available as an extension for several browsers. It’s very straightforward and doesn’t have a complicated installation process. The best thing about it is that it is free. However, you will need to register on their website in order to receive all the features.  There is also a premium version that offers advice on improving your writing style.

Check it out here:

OS / Requirements: compatible with Windows and Mac OS.


* Free

*Premium – $29.95 monthly

3. Online Writers Rating

This platform could actually help you find other tools for improving your writing. Online Writers Rating provides you with quality reviews for various writing services for any situation – from filing taxes to writing a speech for your children’s wedding. Now you will not have to worry about whether or not the service you found is a trustworthy one – you will get the complete research on it done at Online Writers Rating.

Click here to check it out:

License: There is no license.

Prices: start from $10.40

4. Prowritingaid

‘This is a great app that will help you be more confident in the documents you’ve authored. Imagine you’re sending your resume for a job, but you’re not totally confident that you did your best. “This app will give you lots of brilliant suggestions on how to improve your text,’ says Johanna Lind, editor at Resumes Centre. It is among most thorough grammar and spelling checkers you can find online these days. Prowritingaid is like your personal writing coach that is training you completely free. All you have to do is sign up for it.

Check it out here:

License: Free version or lifetime premium account for $175.

OS / Requirements: compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

5. Dragon Dictation

“This is an amazing tool that learns to efficiently recognize your voice using your microphone. After that’s done, you’ll be able to dictate your texts with incredible precision.” — mentions Christopher K. Mercer, digital marketer and founder of Citatior. This is especially useful if you’re not a good typer. Dragon Dictation will help you “write” really long texts, emails to your friends and family without having to spend a long time typing. Moreover, it’s a great solution to your style, because you formulate your ideas in a more conversational manner, which makes sure that your text will be easy to read. And of course, it’s a wonderful tool for anyone with a visual or physical impairment that prevents them from typing.

License: $250.

OS / Requirements: compatible with Windows and Mac OS.


~ Natalie

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