A reader is among the many who have chosen to cut the cord and she’s having a problem.
We pulled the plug on cable and perfectly happy streaming program selections on Youtube, but also has included programs we like on NBC. (great saving money ūüôā¬† )¬† Monday was the last time I streamed from NBC¬† on the WIN 10.¬†
The next evening I tried but the page wouldn’t load.¬† The page popped up quick but then popped off to just a blank white page.¬† That is on my 10 OS laptop¬† I have designated to use with our TV with the classic hook up using a USB cable.¬† Thankfully I have another laptop which is my main one on the desk in our kitchen.¬† WIN 7 OS.¬† I quickly used that as a way of troubleshooting the problem¬† I entered the NBC website and it went normally without a problem.¬† I click on shows and then make the selections each time.¬† What is happening with my WIN 10¬† I proved out that it can’t be some strange quirk with the website since I was able to go right to NBC on my WIN 7.¬† ¬† I don’t have a clue on fixing, or if it is fixable!!¬† Please help.”
My guess is that you need to clear the cache for your browser. I’m willing to bet that if you open up a different browser on your Windows 10 PC, you’ll probably be able to watch the programs without a problem. But clearing the cache is such a simple fix, you might as well try it first.
Since you don’t say which browser you’re using, I’ll give you the fix that works for most of them. Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.¬† (Make sure not to accidentally press Alt instead of Delete.)
For most browsers that will bring up the option to clear the cache.¬† Since streaming, especially HD streaming, requires a tremendous amount of data, it can fill up the browser’s “brain” pretty quickly. Not a bad idea to clear the cache daily if you stream frequently.