Want to make sure you’re getting the connection you’re paying for? I’ve got a nifty little Internet speed checker for you to try.

I’ve told you about other speed checkers, but they involve opening up a separate page on the web. Speedtest by Ookla will check your speed right within your Chrome browser without having to open another tab.

This is an extension for the Chrome browser, you can only use it within Google Chrome.

Here’s how to get it. Open Chrome and click this link:


Then click on Add to Chrome.


To use the extension click on the little speedometer icon at the top right of your browser.


When the Speedtest window opens, click GO.


Speedtest will then check your ping (how long it takes your computer to query the site), download, and upload speeds for the site you’re visiting.


You have to option to share the results.


If you decide to create an account with Speedtest, you’ll be able to save the results and view your history to compare your speeds under different circumstances.