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We’ve got some special guest posts from Helen Spencer this week. She has a great site devoted to sewing and I’m letting her tell you all about it.

Sewing has made a real comeback in these recent years and it may even be more popular than ever. It has a lot of benefits and it’s quite an amazing craft. Not only does it provide you to be more self-dependent by mending, altering, upgrading, or even creating entire wardrobe pieces, plush toys, various accessories and so much more all by yourself, it also brings a couple more positive things to the table:

  • You can mend your own clothes – be it quick repair, or a full alteration for a great fit
  • You can make customized gifts – those are great for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers and even weddings
  • Sewing sparkles creativity and improves the fine motor skills
  • Sewing teaches you patience – it is a calm, productive hobby
  • Not only it saves you money, but it can also make you some – not only you will be able to make your own outfits but also building a small sewing business is totally feasible

Hello Sewing has plenty of guides and tutorials to help beginners with the basics. The blog provides honest sewing tips and sewing machine advice. I love all things DIY- crafts, drawing, decorating, making beautiful things out of scratch with her own hands and above all – I simply adore sewing!

If you’re interested in fashion sewing, you should definitely check this page on my website.  The site also includes an extensive collection of easy sewing projects and sewing tips, and there is a blog with lots of articles on all things sewing.

Click here to check them out: https://hellosewing.com

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