A reader is trying to get accustomed to Microsoft Edge:

“I don’t like my Edge homepage (yes, I am using it more & more). I don’t know how to change it. But worst of all I don’t know what I do like, or want it to look like. It’s too cluttered, I don’t know what to do when it opens up. Mostly first, I’d want to check my email, then I would want to search for something. All the news boxes are annoying. Can I hide them somewhere? Thank you once again.”

You can set your homepage for Microsoft Edge to be any page you like. It can be the same homepage you used for Internet Explorer, your email, Google, whatever you prefer.

Or you can have multiple Start pages set up in tabs, so search, email, and any other favorite pages can always be waiting. You can also customize the look of Edge. Let me show you how to do it.

Start by clicking on the Edge icon to open the browser.


Here’s the default homepage. You may see what Microsoft calls your “feed” which contains news stories. If you’d like to quickly remove them just click on  Hide Feed.


If you’d like to quickly remove them just click on  Hide Feed.


Your view will switch to this.


Or just click the gear symbol next to Hide feed and you can customize what you see. You can choose to see a news feed and your most-visited sites, only your most-visited sites, or a blank page. If you’d like to see information about weather, sports, and money stories, slide the toggle switch to the On position. If not, slide to Off.  Don’t forget to click Save when you’re done.


Here’s what the blank page looks like.


Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to choose a brand new start page or start pages for Edge.