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We’ve been talking about Microsoft Edge browser this week. Yesterday, I showed you how you can customize the default start page for the browser. (You can click here to read that article). Today, we’ll learn how to set any page you want as a start page.

Let’s start by clicking the Edge icon to open the browser.


Here’s what it looks like.


Now, go to the top right and click the three-dot menu button.


Select Settings from the drop-down menu.


Scroll down to Open Microsoft Edge with.


Choose to open with a specific page or pages or click the drop-down arrow for more options.


You can choose the default start page, a new tab, or your previously open pages. I like to use A specific page or pages.


To add your pages, enter the address of the page.


I’ll start with my Facebook page. Click the Save icon after entering the page address.


Edge will now open to my Facebook page. To add additional pages, click the + icon next to Add new page.


Type in the address of the additional page and click Save.


Here, I’ve set Edge to open to my email, my Facebook page, and the Cyn Mackley website.


This is what I see when I open Edge. To navigate between my Facebook page, email, and my website, I just click the tabs.


Choosing Previous pages can be handy as well because you’ll always pick up where you left off.

Let’s go back to the Settings menu and take care of one additional thing. Setting a home page.


The home page is where you’ll be taken when you click that home icon at the top left of your Edge browser.


You can leave it as the default start page for Edge or select a new tab or specific page.


That page won’t show up unless you hit the Home button.


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  1. Cyn, I think I followed your directions to the letter, but am missing the line on the top when I had Yahoo: on right – File; Edit; View; Favorites; Tools; Help. And from the left: the house; a box; and most important to me – Print, with print preview; safety; tools. The print preview is important so I can not print useless pages & waste paper. The three dots only give you ‘print’ not print preview. So I went back to IE for that reason and deal with loosing the site a lot. Boo Hoo. Trish

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