Personal thermostat

Here’s an interesting new piece of technology that caught my eye. And if you’re a person who often finds themselves either much warmer or much cooler than people around you, you’ll probably be interested as well.

The Embr Wave Bracelet promises to make you feel up to five degrees colder or five degrees warmer than your environment in a matter of minutes. It’s a rather large bracelet, but a pretty small air conditioner.


Wrists are super-sensitive to temperatures. That’s one of the reasons people test baby formula on them and your mom used to place her wrist against your forehead to check for a fever.


The bracelet uses vibrations to trigger thermoreceptors. Just tap the red side to feel warmer and the blue side to feel cooler. These waves change your perception of the temperature without out actually affecting your body temperature. The cooling sensation feels similar to pressing an ice cube against your skin and the heating effect would be similar to holding a warm mug in your hand.

You can also control the bracelet and track your history using a smartphone app.


At $249, it’s certainly not cheap. But there is a 30-day guarantee and the device does seem to be very well-reviewed by users though it doesn’t work for everyone. You can check out the device and the reviews by clicking here.


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