McDonald’s Scam

We’ve talked a lot about the variety of phishing scams out there where crooks impersonate a legitimate site or company via email or a Facebook post. Here’s one going around the impersonates McDonald’s. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Every single person who shares and comments on the post within 24 hours gets 3 meals for free.


Now there are already a whole lot of reasons to spot that this is a fake. Some apparently used Google Translate and came up with ‘Large Mac’ instead of ‘Big Mac.’  But also, this falls into the way too good to be true category. Even a company as large as McDonald’s would have a hard time paying for $20 worth of meals for however many people shared and commented. It could be a billion people.  Also, you get that sense of urgency crooks love to use. You must do this now!

If you take a look at their page, you can see it’s only got a few posts and no blue check to verify that it’s a legitimate site.


Here’s the actual McDonald’s page.

mcdonalds with blue.jpg

These scams can play out one of two ways. Crooks may message you or provide the links you have to click on to get your prize. Those links can take you to sites that will download malware onto your device. Sometimes they’re just collecting likes for a page that they’ll switch to something else and try to suck you into a new scam later on.

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