A reader commented on a printing tip with this suggestion:

“I find the capability to change ‘Print’ target to a PDF very useful. I get many receipts by email, and other items I want to keep but not in my email files. Changing from ‘Print to a printer’ to ‘Save to a PDF’ lets me put a message right into a PDF which I can file where I want it: tax support documents, receipts, etc.”

That’s a great suggestion for all of the reasons stated. Turning items into PDFs gives you a digital copy that’s suitable for printing later should the need arise.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF is an electronic image of either text or images that works especially well for printing. Often time forms transmitted electronically are sent in this format.

Here’s how to choose that option when printing.

If you’d like to save an email in this fashion choose the print option, then click the drop-down arrow where you choose the printer.


Then choose Print to PDF.


In Chrome, you’ll need to choose the Change button.


Then choose Save as PDF.


For Word documents, select Microsoft Print to PDF.


You can also right-click on most web pages and choose Print to get the same options. To view or print your file, just go to the folder where you saved it and click to open. Your saved file will open in your default PDF reader.


To make it even simpler, I’d suggest creating special folders to hold those PDFs, so you can find them quickly.