Fake Catpcha Malware

There’s a money-stealing malware targeting your bank account and it’s using security precautions to fool people.

The security experts at Sucuri have exposed a phishing scam that pushes peoples’ panic buttons to lure them downloading the malware.

The crooks send an email or a message asking users to confirm a bank transaction. Since the users haven’t made the transaction, they’ll be in a hurry to follow instructions to log in and stop it.

If they follow the link, users will see a login screen that looks very much like the login screen for their account. They’ll even see a fairly typical Catpcha.


Once you click on Verify, you’ll download a payload of Malware which can either spy on your device to steal your banking information or even download ransomware to lock up your device. This type of scam can also be used to target websites of banks and other institutions. Once a website is infected crooks that then steal the information of all the customers.

As always, it’s important that consumers and employees always be vigilant and not just click on any message without thinking. Crooks use your panic to get you to act without thinking.

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