Fix blurry apps in Windows 10

Yesterday, I showed you how to enlarge the size of text and display for Windows 10 apps. (Click here to read that article.)

However, enlarging some apps can make the display blurry. You might see an alert like this from Windows 10 when you enlarge an app. You might also see it when your device is connected to two different displays or you connect remotely to another PC.


You can click the drop-down to get options.


You can also find options for clearing up a blurry display by typing Fix apps that are blurry into the search box and clicking on the result.


Under Advanced Scaling, you can turn on an automatic fix for blurry apps to let Windows attempt to correct the problem. There’s no guarantee it will always work but it can help most of the time.


There’s also an option for Custom scaling but I would be very careful with that. It could easily really mess up your display and you might not be able to get back to your preferred setting for an app.


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