Lookout app sees for the visually impaired

There’s a new app out there that provides an amazing service for the visually impaired. And no special equipment is required beyond a smartphone. Right now, it has to be a particular kind of smartphone. The app only works with Google Pixel devices.

The free app is call Lookout. It uses the sensors and cameras that are part of the phone to help the blind and visually impaired see the world around them and then describes what the camera sees to the user.

There are three modes. Explore, Shopping, and Quick read. 


Explore helps users navigate the world around them by describing what it sees. In this mode Lookout sees and identifies everyday objects in a space. For the Explore mode, Google suggests wearing your phone a lanyard around your neck for ease of moment.


You can adjust the level of information you’d like to hear about objects between low, medium, and high.

The Shopping mode can help users identify currency or read barcodes to determine the price or an item or give details.


The Quick read mode allows you to quickly short mail, or read signs and labels which the phone will describe aloud.



Lookout is free from the Google Play store. But as I said, only works on Pixel phones. Click here to check it out.

Right now the descriptions are available in English only.




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