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A reader is having trouble adjusting to Microsoft Edge. She’s missing some of the options she found in Internet Explorer. Let’s see if we can’t help her find them.

“I am missing the line on the top when I had Yahoo: on right – File; Edit; View; Favorites; Tools; Help. And from the left: the house; a box; and most important to me – Print, with print preview; safety; tools. I went back to IE for that reason and deal with losing the site a lot.” 

If you’re talking about the Yahoo Toolbar add-on, that’s not an option for Microsoft Edge. But I can show you how to find those same functions pretty easily in Edge.

Let’s start with that house icon which represents the Home button. While it’s on the right in Internet Explorer:


The same button is on the left side of the browser in Edge.


Favorites in IE is found under the Star icon on the right.


In Edge, you’ll find it in roughly the same position on the right.


The other function you’re looking for are found in the drop-down menu after you click the Tools gear icon.


In Edge, click the three-dot menu icon to see options for Zoom, Downloads, Extensions, and printing.

edge-menu options.jpg

Additionally, clicking on Show in toolbar will allow you to add more options at the top.


The print preview is automatically displayed when you print from Edge. You can click here to learn more about that.


If you really miss your Yahoo Toolbar (which is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer), there is an add-on for Firebox called Yahoo Toolbar and New Tab. But the layout is going to be different from you’re used to seeing on Internet Explorer.

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