Missing print preview option in Edge

A reader commented on an article about printing from Microsoft Edge:

“I am missing the line on the top when I had Yahoo: on right – File; Edit; View; Favorites; Tools; Help. And from the left: the house; a box; and most important to me – Print, with print preview; safety; tools. The print preview is important so I can not print useless pages & waste paper. The three dots only give you ‘print’ not print preview. So I went back to IE for that reason and deal with losing the site a lot.”

I can solve that print preview problem for you. Print preview is automatic with Microsoft Edge, no need to click on anything. Let’s take a look.

Once you select the print option in Edge, this window will pop up:


The image on the right is your print preview. It will live update as you make changes to your print settings.


If there are multiple pages, you can use the arrow at the top to navigate them.


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