Fix Windows 7 problems with this simple trick

Times almost up for Windows 7. Though around 37% of PC users are still running that operating system. You have until January of 2020 to upgrade but until then, I’ve a quick tip to keep it running smoothly.

Is your PC acting up? Maybe running slow. Are you having issues with searches? Or maybe printer problems? There’s a one-stop shop on your Windows 7 computer for diagnosing those issues. I’ll show you how.

First, click your Start Button and choose Control Panel.


Under System and Security, click on Find and fix problems.


You’ll see a list of common PC issues like Windows updates, running older programs, and performance issues.


Click View all in the left panel…


…and you’ll see a full list that includes things like searching and indexing and printers.


Click on the issue you need help with. I chose Performance for this demonstration. The window below opened. I clicked Next to get started.


The check came back with suggestions of several programs I could shut down at startup. I had to look up two of them to determine what they were and if I needed them.


I checked the ones I wanted to stop from opening at startup and clicked next. Just like that, I was finished. I had the option of checking into other issues or quitting. I can’t guarantee that this will fix all of your problems, but it’s a pretty handy tool. The process works a bit differently in Windows 10. I’ll show you how to take care of that tomorrow.

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