Is this 2-factor?

A reader has a question about 2-factor authentication:

“Cyn, Isn’t 2-factor authorization when you ask for ‘forgot my password? I have it set up on my accounts, but don’t get it each time I sign in.”

The information you set up in case you forget your password is a form of 2-factor authentication.  If you put in a security question, or an email address or phone number will you will be contacted in case you need to reset your password, that’s a form of 2-factor authentication.


You won’t necessarily be asked for that second form of authentication every time you log in. For example, when I log into my Google account from my phone or my PC, I don’t get asked for additional identification. But if I log in from a new device or a new IP address, I will be asked to provide a confirmation code. Also, if scammers try to log on from a different device, they’ll be required to provide a code and usually you’ll receive some type of alert that it’s happening.

Some accounts will allow you to put off entering 2-factor authentication for a week or two or longer period of time, though you will periodically be asked to provide it.

You can learn more about two-factor authentication by clicking here.



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