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If you’re one of the folks who with an Amazon Prime subscription, you know that in addition to streaming movies, shows, and music and access to free books, your free also includes two-day delivery of most items at no additional charge.

Though the company started life selling books, many people now use it as their primary source for purchasing clothes, household supplies, appliances, and even food.

The two-day delivery to your door means it’s easier for a lot of folks to just order stuff online instead of venturing across town to go shopping. That means a lot of boxes with that trademark Amazon smiling face are turning up on doorsteps every day. And those packages make attractive targets for crooks.


Due to the fact that there’s no additional shipping cost no matter how many separate orders you place, Prime members often make smaller spontaneous purchases. that result in multiple packages. Also, since Amazon items often ship from various warehouses all over the country, even if you make an order of multiple items, they often arrive in separate packages.

Most of us are unable to be home to receive multiple packages per week. Amazon is adding a new service for Prime members called Amazon Day. That means you can pick one day of the week to have all of your shipments delivered to your home.

Prime members will see the option to set their preferred day in shipping options when they check out.  Customers can also change the shipping options individually on any item they order in case they might need it sooner than their regular deliver say. Amazon says it will make an effort to combine orders into fewer boxes as well to cut down on waste.

You can learn more about how it works by clicking here.

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