Nexar can keep you safer on the road

Nexar is an interesting device that can not only give you valuable evidence in case of an accident but also help keep young drivers safe on the road. Here’s how it works.

The Nexar smartphone app works in conjunction with a dashcam.


Mount it next to behind your rearview mirror.


Like most dashcams, it will record as you drive, four hours at a time before overwriting the memory card in the camera. But there’s an additional feature. The app detects dangerous situations on the road like hard braking, sharp turns, sudden accelerations, and collisions, then automatically uploads clips of such incidents to the cloud for safekeeping.  Which is the perfect place for parental review to keep track of young drivers.


Nexar runs in the background, so you could still use a navigation app or play music from your phone while driving.

In case of an accident, the app offers a one-click accident report that includes details and videos of the accident that you can send directly to your insurance company.


The accident report will include:

  • Images (pre, during and post)
  • Video (pre, during and post)
  • Driving Path Map
  • Collision location
  • Force analysis
  • Speed analysis
  • Collision diagram
  • Weather conditions
  • Time stamps
  • Complete driver information

This is a great way to help prevent fraud and also to make sure young drivers are telling you the truth about what’s happening on the road.

The app also provides road safety updates and alerts users to potential problems ahead. It even offers forward collision warnings. To take advantage of those services, you’ll want to mount your phone somewhere on the dash. For safety’s sake, you don’t want to be fishing it out of your pocket or looking down.

collision alert.jpg

The price? Not bad. Amazon has a camera setup with a regular list price of $79 that was on sale for $49 as of this writing. That even includes the mounting kit and SD card. Smartphones are, of course, sold separately. This works with both Android and iPhones.


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