Paint 3D: Use Text

This week, I’ve been walking you through the new Paint 3D that’s now part of Windows 10.  Check out part 1 by clicking here and part 2 by clicking here.

Today, we’ll check out the text feature. Click the big T icon at the top of Paint 3D to add text to an image or to just create text.


A panel will appear on the right where you can customize your text.


You have a choice between 2D and 3D text.


Here’s an example of 2D. 3D text looks similar at first.


But grab the handles of the text box…


and you can see your text in 3D.


You have basic font, size, and color choices as well as bold, italic, and underline.


Plus you can adjust for right, center, or left justification.


Let’s take a look at text over an image.


Now, let’s put that 3D to use by using my mouse to tilt the handles with the arrows on them. The arrows denote the how you are moving the object in space.


Here, I’ve tilted it back slightly.


Now, I’ve moved it to an angle. There’s just a little bit more depth and interest to the image.


Click the Menu button to save or export.


There aren’t a great many text options here, so if you need to do something sophisticated, you’ll want a program specifically designed for the task. But you can have a lot of fun playing with Paint 3D.

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