I know I’ve brought you tab sites before, but when I found this one I knew I wanted to share it with you for two reasons. First, it includes tabs for more instruments than just guitar- Hello, bass and drums. And secondly, it offers tabs to you by skill level, which can take some of the frustration out of trying to learn a new instrument.

When you arrive to the main page you’ll find this clean easy-to-read layout.


Click the magnifying glass icon to browse songs or search by title. Each song is rated by level of difficulty. You can add songs you like to your favorites for easy access when you use the site.



Once you’ve selected a song, click the guitar icon on the left side of the page to select which instrument you wish to see tabs for. Then press the play button.instrument.jpg

There’s also a paid Songster Plus plan that offers more features.

This is a great site for tabulature! Check it out today!

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