Facebook Tributes

Yesterday we talked about the importance of memorializing Facebook accounts after a loved one has passed away. You can click here to read that article.

Now, Facebook is offering you more options for remembering your dearly departed with the new Tributes section on memorialized pages.


Tributes will be featured in their very own separate tab. Original posts by the deceased will appear under the Timeline tab, keeping the deceased’s digital legacy intact.

If you’ve assigned a legacy contact to watch over your account, (learn about that here) he or she will be able to moderate the posts to make sure nothing inappropriate appears.

Additionally, Facebook is also taking steps to spare the feelings of families who haven’t gotten around to memorializing the accounts of loved ones. (Though, really if someone you care about has passed away, you need to do this.)

They’re using artificial intelligence to glean from posts by others that someone has likely passed away. In that case, they’ll avoid sending out birthday reminders, suggestions to invite people to events, and other things that might be upsetting to friends and family.

But I’m going to say this one more time: If someone has died, please memorialize the account.



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