New Edge customization options

We’ve been talking about the totally revamped version of Microsoft Edge that’s available to download for preview now.

Click here to learn how to get it.

Click here to check out the new look.

One feature I noticed while exploring the new settings layout were some easy customization options. If you’ve got this test version of Edge downloaded and installed, let’s check this out. Start by selecting Settings from the drop-down tools menu.


Then select Appearance.


Under Fonts in the middle pane, select Customize fonts.

new-edge-customize fonts.jpg

This window will open.


To adjust the font size, just move the slider bar.


As you move the bar the display will live update to show you what it will look like.


Click the arrow next to the default fonts to choose from a long list of other fonts to adjust the appearance of web pages. As with the size, any changes will live update as you try them.


As I keep saying, this is not the final version of the browser, but these are interesting changes to play around with.



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