How do I keep my Echo safe?

A reader is looking for advice on keeping his Alexa-enabled device safe:

“Just purchased an Amazon Alexa system, Is there anything I need to do to keep from being hacked. My Modem is password protected from the supplier Shaw cable (Western Canada) and I had to use that password number to hook up Alexa. Is that all that I have to do?”

A good, strong password for your WiFi is a must for helping to secure any smart device.

Besides the password you use to access the Internet, There’s another hidden password for your home WiFi system that you’ll want to check into. Click here to learn how to access and change that password.


Also, make sure to check if there are any firmware updates available for your router. Just like a PC, it’s important to keep your router up-to-date.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that your Amazon account has an equally strong password. It’s possible to log into an Amazon account from a phone or PC and access Alexa, so Amazon account security is pretty darn important.


Equally important is to make sure that you have the latest software and security updates for your Alexa-enabled device. Those should happen automatically. Fortunately, it’s easy to check by saying, “Alexa, check for software updates.”

There are also routers specifically designed for providing better security for smart home devices. You’ll often see Smart home or Internet of Things listed in the description.





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