Ad malware targets iPhone users

A huge adware attack is targeting people using iPhones and iPads. This malware affects the Chrome browser when used on iOS. Chrome on other devices isn’t affected and neither is the default Safari browser for iPhones and iPads.

According to the folks at Confidant, it’s called eGobbler.  eGobbler floods your device with ads like this:


eGobbler is able to get around adblockers because it’s very good at disguising itself to look like a legitimate pop-up thanks to a vulnerability in Chrome for iOS. Estimates are that around 500 million sessions were hijacked.  Now, if you see a pop-up like this, you might be tempted to hit the Close button in the ad. Don’t. You don’t want to interact with this malicious software. You could be redirected to a malicious page or accidentally download malware. Your best bet is to close the browsing session immediately.  The developers of Chrome have been notified of the issue.

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