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I use Facebook Messaging a whole lot, both in a browser and on my phone. Today, while trying to backtrack through a message thread with a friend, I found two great features of Facebook Messaging that you can use on your browser that I’d forgotten even existed. I thought it would be a great time to share them with you.

To start, open Facebook in a browser and click the chat icon at the top of the page.



Scroll down to the bottom and select See All in Messenger.


This page will open up.


On the right, you’ll find a search box where you can search for the names of people you’ve had conversations to pull up your previous conversations.



Type in a name and click the result and your conversations with that person will appear in the center pane.


You can then use the scrollbar to find the conversation you want.


Once you’ve selected a contact, you can also search for specific words in conversations you’ve shared.  Just click on Search in Conversation.


A search box will appear in the middle pane. Type in the words you’re looking for and click Search.


You’ll see the number of results at the top. Scroll through them by clicking the arrow beneath the number. The search term will also be highlighted in the results.


You’ll also have the option to change things like the color of the speech bubble for that contact, their nickname, and the emoji you use in the conversation.


Scroll down in the right pane and you’ll also be able to see every document or image you’ve shared with your contact. That’s an easy way to find something from a previous date.


This is also a good place to send and receive messages if you find the chat window to be too small.


Just click Home at the top of the page to get back to your regular feed.


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