Amazing Cakes

I’m a keen home baker and over the years I’ve tried my hand at cake decorating. I’m always excited when I come across something new and unusual especially if it involves creating flowers.

This site features the gorgeous work of Russian baker Yulia Kedyarova. She does beautiful work with flowers and butterflies, as well as recreating gorgeous galaxies.

What I like best is that her work combines sugar work and piping with buttercream, not just cakes covered in fondant, which I don’t really enjoy working with or tasting.

I especially love the cakes that appear to have interiors made out of flowers and the cakes resembling geodes. I may have to get out my piping tips and try a few of these out for myself. Even if you don’t plan on attempting your own versions of galaxies or rose gardens, you’ll enjoy looking at her incredible designs.

Click here to check them out:

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