Stop auto-plays in Chrome

Don’t you hate it when you open a web page and a video starts playing full blast? I know I do. Especially when I’m somewhere I don’t want to make any noise.

While there’s no single setting you can switch in Chrome to stop intrusive videos, (unless you add an extension), you can adjust individual sites to turn down the sound, so it won’t pop up when you visit.

To quickly silence a video, right click on the tab for the site. Then choose Mute site from the drop-down menu.


To change the site settings, so you aren’t bombarded with audio, right click on the lock icon next to the website address.


Choose Site settings from the drop-down menu.


Scroll down to Sound.


Click the arrow next to Automatic and choose Mute from the drop-down menu.


After that, you shouldn’t hear any sounds when you visit the site. If there’s something you do wish to hear. Just right-click the tab and choose Unmute.



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