Where’s my update?

A reader has a question about recent Microsoft updates:

“We have 3 computers in our household. Two are less than a year old and the third is a conversion from Win 7. The oldest and the newest are HPs and the other is an Acer. We have not received the update to Version 1809. Is MS still rolling this out? Should we go through the “update” process or is it still best to wait for MS to automatically send it to us?”

While most PCs have received the update 1809, some still have not. That’s usually because a particular component of that PC needs a driver update to function properly with the latest version of Windows 10. You may want to check the manufacturer’s website to see if any additional updates are required or available or use Device Manager on your PC to look for updates. You might also contact customer service for the manufacturer to see if there’s a known issue. 

First, make sure to check your Windows 10 update history to make sure there haven’t been unsuccessful attempts to install 1809. If that’s the case, Windows offers an update troubleshooter. Click here to go to the installation page.

Then select the troubleshooter for your version of Windows.


When prompted to save or run Troubleshooter, choose Run if you want to start the process immediately and Save, if you’d like to launch it later.  When the Troubleshooter opens, select Windows Update and then Next.


The Troubleshooter will begin to detect problems.


And then try to fix them.


Troubleshooter should be able to fix most of the errors it finds.


You can then attempt to redownload and reinstall updates.

Since 1809 has been out for some time, it’s probably safe to also just go to the Microsoft site for installing the latest version and download.  Just follow this link and follow the installation instructions:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10



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