Recently I discovered that just around the corner from me, there are people who raise goats. Goats in the city! Adorable bouncy, headbutting goats! Obviously I’m excited! 

I really wanted to know what kind of goats they were as we’ve only driven past them on the way to my roommate’s workplace. That meant internet research time, and I found this awesome site that lists the different breeds with pictures (mostly in color too) and facts about the breed. 

Navigation is really easy, just select the breed you want to check out from the left frame of the page, and it will display in the right frame. 

Don’t like goats? Well that’s no problem you can also check out different breeds of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Swine, and others with the red menu at the top of the page. I totally checked out the sheep too! 

This would a be a really fun site to share with kids who are interested in animals, just learning about them, or to try and identify animals when visiting fairs over the summer.