I saw this on an early morning talk show while waiting for my roommate to come out of a doctor’s appointment (I think it was the spritzing version) and meant to check into. I put it on my list of topics to check out and promptly forgot about it. Well, I found that list and finally investigated it. I liked this site the best of the ones I looked at. 

It’s easy to give it a try, just click the green Spreed button. This will take you the player, where you can adjust the settings and try out spreeding. To begin with the demo text, just click the play button. It will start the program and you’ll be reading the sample text at 300 WPM (words per minute). 

Then once you’ve sampled it you can start customizing and practicing with it. To customize the text you read, you’ll need to copy it from somewhere and paste it into the box on the main page or press the letter n on your keyboard for new. Then paste it into the box. 

To change the settings, you’ll click Settings where you’ll find the option to change the speed, window size, chunk size (how many words you see), font size and color, background color, and even the alignment of the text. Then click save so that it will run with your settings. 

The goal is to bump up your speed gradually so that you can practice getting faster over time. 

I think this will be a cool way to read articles for school in the fall provided they are editable and thus can be pasted into the text box. There’s also a paid version of this app available that offers a lot more features in case you’re interested.

Check it out for yourself today!