Why is Chrome so small?

A reader wants to know what’s up with Chrome browser:

“I am using Windows 10, Chrome. All of a sudden, when I click on a link the site opens minimized. I was searching for a recipe to make homemade granola bars, and I have to maximize the screen. I never had this problem before. Can you help. I could not find anything in settings and its just an irritant to have to maximize. I even stretched the window of the site hoping that would retain that size the next time I opened a site. But to no avail, it reverts back to minimize. Thanks for any suggestions or help.”

By default, Chrome opens to a Window that doesn’t take up the full desktop. but you can change that. Find the shortcut for Chrome on your desktop and right-click. Select Properties from the menu that pops up.


Or you can type Chrome in the search box, right click on the result and choose Open file location from the menu that pops up.

chrome-file location.jpg

Right-click on Chrome in File Explorer and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.


When the Chrome Properties menu opens, click on the Shortcuts tab.


Click the window next to Run.  

Choose between the Normal window (takes up part of the desktop), Minimized (it won’t show on desktop at all, you just click it on the taskbar) and Maximized (it will take up the whole desktop)



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