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We’ve been talking lately about how to check out what types of information service providers like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo keep on you and how you can access and control it. Today, we’ll check out Apple’s Privacy dashboard.

If you use an iPhone, Mac, iTunes, Apple Watch, or iPad you fall under the Apple umbrella. We’ll start by heading over to the Apple Privacy site at this link:

You’ll need to sign into your Apple account. Since it was my first time signing in to Apple on this PC an approval request was sent to my Apple device.


Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see this screen.


I have to say, Apple does not offer as much online information and control as Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo. Your only option with apple is to click Request a copy of your data.


You can download information about your App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, and Podcast activity (but not about your purchases), your shopping activity, your bookmarks, calendar, contacts, and more.  Just tick the box next to the info you want or choose select all at the top.


You can also download your files and documents from iCloud, your mail, or your photos. That can take a lot of bandwidth and a bit of time. When you’ve selected the information you want, choose Continue.


Choose a maximum file size between 1 and 25 GB, then click Complete request.


Apple will send you an email notification when the download is ready.


If you think any of the information Apple has about you is incorrect, you can click on Correct your data.


Follow the instructions to correct your data.


This is also where you can choose to temporarily deactivate or delete your account.



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