Facebook: Create a list

Facebook feeds can get pretty crowded. Lists are a way to see posts from folks you have something in common with. Let’s check out how they work.

Start by opening Facebook and clicking on Home at the top right.


In the column on the left, click See more.


Scroll down and click on Friends Lists.


Facebook may have already made some lists for you based on workplaces, school, and family relationships. Everyone starts out with a Close Friends, Acquaintances, and Restricted list.


For example, if I click on the list for 13abc, I’ll only see posts from my friends who, like me, once worked for 13abc. Or if I choose my high school, I’ll only see posts from my friends who also list the same high school under their education.

To add or remove people from a list, click on it. When it opens, choose Edit list at the top.


You’ll see everyone on the list. To remove a friend, just uncheck them. You’ll see posts from people on your Close Friends list more often.


To add someone, make sure to click the drop-down arrow next to On This List and choose Friends.


Click on the friend or friends you wish to add and click Finish.


To create a new list, click Create List.


Name the list, start typing the names of friends to add, and then click Create.


The list will now appear under Friends Lists.


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