The default browser for Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge. If you aren’t comfortable with Edge, you have plenty of other options.

Let’s start with good ole Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is still a favorite of many users. If you’re a fan, don’t worry Internet Explorer is still available for Windows 10.  But I will let you know that it’s not going to always work with every website.  That’s because Microsoft is only providing the bare minimum support to keep Internet Explorer going due to the fact that many businesses rely on it to run some of their software.

In fact, the company suggests that you only use Internet Explorer if you need to access a site that won’t work with anything else.  That said, Internet Explorer still receives security support, so it should be safe to use. You just might run into some compatibility issues on certain sites.

You’ll still be able to find Internet Explorer among your apps. Be careful not to confuse the icons for Edge browser and Internet explorer. Internet Explorer is on the left and Edge is on the right.


The quickest way to find Internet Explorer is to type Internet Explorer into your search box and click on the result to open.


To add the Internet Explorer shortcut to your taskbar, right-click your mouse and choose Pin to taskbar from the drop-down menu.