Ever seen a butterfly or an unusual flower and wondered what it was called? This fun, free app makes it easy to identify animals, plants, and insects using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

To download just head over to the app store for your device and search Seek. Then click on Install.  Once you download the app, a database of  common  animals, insects, and plants in your area will be downloaded.



Take a photo of an animal, insect, or plant with your phone’s camera and the app will run that image through the database to identify the subject of your photo.


Users earn badges for identifying new species.


Once you identify a species, you’ll have the option of learning more about it.

identify more

By default, this app does not collect information, so it’s a great choice for kids. If you sign up for an iNaturalist account, it will collect some data. If you choose to sign up, you’ll join millions of other amateur naturalists in adding data that helps scientists determine when and where species of animals and plants are found all over the world. The app also offrs up challenges based on where you live to find and identify flora and fauna.


This app is capable of identifying up to 30,000 species so far Get it for free in the app store for your device.


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