Please stop falling for this scam!

I’ve warned you time and time and time again about falling for coupon scams. But people fall for them over and over again. Old and young, highly educated, people who are normally careful in every other aspect of their lives.

Let’s take a look at two versions of this scam that have popped up recently. Here’s the coupon scam using the Publix grocery chain. It offers an $80 coupon for everyone who clicks on the link.


Once you click, you’ll get a survey.


Another version if for discount grocery store Aldi. A very well-educated and highly intelligent relative of mind shared this scam, commenting that it was okay if you didn’t mind filling out a long survey.


Another version of this scam involved free amusement park tickets.


Your first clue that each of these are a scam is the promise that they are awarding a great big prize to every family. $80 in the case of the grocery stores and nearly $300 worth of amusement park tickets. Now, while businesses may offer coupons and occasionally give away free tickets, no business can afford to give that kind of a prize to every person who fills out a survey or shares a post.

What really happens when you click on these links is that your taken to questionable sites that can download malware, spyware, and ransomware onto your device. Those buttons you click to answer surveys could, in reality, be giving permission for malicious apps to install on your device. By sharing these scams, you’re putting the devices of your friends in danger and helping out crooks.

Any post that promises that EVERYONE who participates is getting a large prize is a scam. Stop falling for it. Engage your noggins! And when you see other people sharing these scams, let them know it’s fake!

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